Camp Desert Rock Veterans | “Atomic” Veterans

This web site was established to create a forum for those individuals exposed to the atomic tests conducted at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada or any other nuclear exposure during their military service.

Along with other individuals during the year 1957, I was stationed at Camp Desert Rock from May through August 1957 participating in the experimental set up process of “building” sites, which were to be exposed during the detonation by the various nuclear tests.   The Camp was located several miles from the atomic detonation sites.  I was only there a few months and do not remember any names, but I sure would enjoy hearing from you guys to see how you are doing.

The nuclear detonation usually took place in the early mornings.   Those of us at Camp Desert Rock where requested to be assembled in the parking lot to “witness” the detonations of the atomic blasts.   Needless to say, we were exposed to the potential nuclear radiation fallout from the atomic tests depending on the direction of the wind.

During the past several years, I have experienced cancer complications, which now appear to be under controlled.  However, it was necessary for me to provide the financial resources to resolve the medical costs.

Please feel free to email me to share any and all difficulties which you might have encountered during any atomic test or during the occupation of Japan after WWII, either prior to 1957 or the last year of the tests which was 1957.   The nuclear tests were suspended in 1957.”

It would seem that this Army activity has grounds for applying for possible limited disability through the Veterans Administration.  As is the case with any governmental benefit, it will necessary for those that participated to “prove” our case.

They classify us as “Atomic Veterans”

I would encourage anyone to share his or her experiences of exposure to atomic radiation through this web site.

Please do not let them put us off until we all die off!  Please log on to the sites below to enter your zip code to find your  Congressman and enter your state to find your Senators and keep the pressure on them to make sure they take care of the conditions we have as a result of our nuclear exposure while serving our country.


Thank You For Your Service!


D. Peter H Rowley

US Army 1956-1962


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