Remembering Peter Rowley


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I created this website 6 years ago for my cousin Sandi’s husband and good friend, Peter Rowley.

Peter passed away this morning from what could be a condition that may have resulted from his exposure to radiation.

Peter served his country, community, God and was a great friend and family man.

Please take the time to follow the links in the “Atomic Veteran Resources” page of this site because our government does not want to pay any benefits to any veteran that they can get away with.

Our government completely ignored our Veterans through WWI and started making progress after WWII and Korea.  Then they delayed recognizing agent orange for several years and did the same this with the Gulf War Syndrome.

There are still at least 3 categories of people that have served our country that the government has all but ignored.

1. The women of WASP that flew the new aircraft from the factory to the units during WWII.

2. The merchant Marines that were drafted during WWII and was the most dangerous job during the 1st part of the war.

3. The category that this site is about is the “Atomic Veteran”. ┬áThese people served after the war in Japan and observed the atomic testing through 1962.

Peter witnessed atomic tests in 1957 at Camp Desert Rock, NV.

Please do not let these or any other Veterans be forgotten.

Thank you,


Jim Crawford